Membership Draw Rules

  • The Club Membership Draw will run for up to 3 months (12 weeks) or until the prize money reaches $5,000 (whichever is first).
  • Club Membership Draws will take place every Wednesday and Friday.  Only Financial Members are eligible to win the Membership Draw.
  • 3 Draws for the prize money will take place every Wednesday and Friday at 6.15pm, 6.45pm and 7.15pm.
  • The Prize money will increase by $200 every Wednesday and Friday until it reaches $1000 after which it will increase by $100 every Wednesday and Friday.
  • If the draw is won at either the 6.15pm or 6.45pm, a new Membership draw will commence, at the next scheduled draw time (being 7.15pm) for that evening.  If it is before the 12 week period ends, the draw will commence at the next current week shown on the Membership Draw Sheet, for the amount of $200.
  • If won at the 7.15pm draw then the new Membership draw will commence on the next scheduled day, to the value of $200 and if it is before the 12 week period cease, it will start at the current week.
  • If it is not struck at the 12 week period in either the 6.15pm/6.45pm or 7.15pm draws, we then go to "MUST GO MEMBERSHIP DRAW" scenario.  The entry criteria and rules are as follows:
  1. You must be a current financial member.  (Staff will confirm, before Prize payment is made). You MUST produce your current Financial Membership card to claim your prize.  
  2. To enter the "Must Go Membership Draw" please register your name and membership number with a Staff Member. Your Entry must be in PRIOR to the commencement of the 7.15pm draw.


  1. There will be three draws.  The Staff will select a person from the audience who will pick a slip from the box/barrel for each of the three draws. 
  2. The winning slip will NOT be re-entered into the box/barrel.
  3. The total value of the "Must Go Membership Draw" will be divided as follows:
  4. 1st Draw for 50% of the Pool
  5. 2nd Draw for 30% of the Pool
  6. 3rd Draw for 20% of the Pool
  7. The "Must Go Membership Draw" will commence between 7.30pm & 8pm.


Losing Meat Raffle -

Any losing Raffle dockets can be placed into the container at the raffle board on Wednesday and Fridays (membership number on the back). All tickets will go into the draw for a drink ticket which will be drawn on Wednesday & Friday night after 7pm. The member must be here to collect the prize.